About Us

Where we started

In 2011, I found the original pecan pie recipe used by Great-Great-Grandmother Georgia Anna Frey.  It was folded among family pictures and papers, complete with her comments and misspellings.  This recipe was transferred to silk screen, and reappeared transferred onto flour sack kitchen towels as gifts for the family Christmas. Our one-of-a-kind creation was met with such enthusiasm that we knew we had something special. Within a week, family friends who had seen the towel called to see if an heirloom recipe of their own could permanently applied to a tea towel. And, could they get a dozen? Rag Muffins was born.

What we do

We create items for our customers, and for ourselves, that are original, meaningful, and sensible — just like that very first tea towel. The objects you choose to fill your home should reflect your taste and make you happy. That is why each Rag Muffins product is thoughtfully crafted to be both unique and functional. Our hand thrown pottery should become a cherished heirloom. Our original jams and jellies find appreciation wherever they are served.  And as for our signature towels, they speak for themselves.  Make Miss Georgia’s exceptional pecan pie as a gift, or send a ‘Bless Your Heart’ to someone special.   The meaning is unmistakable.

Who we serve

Rag Muffins always has our current and future customers in mind as we design custom orders and develop new collections. We picture someone who takes pride in a well-dressed home.  We imagine a quiet sophistication that surprises and amuses. We think of someone who wears her consignment shop find to a gala event. We envision someone who knows that a home tells the story of those who live in it, and that story reflects family, fun, good taste, and spirit. As you can see, we think of our clients as extraordinary, and every bit as remarkable as our products.