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How Can
I Make Mine?

You can choose from one of our designs or you can design your own! Use our design tool to create your own custom towel design.

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the Story Behind
our Custom Towels

The story of Rag Muffins begins with a recipe for pecan pie written by Great-Great Grandmother Georgia Anna Frey. Found in her Bible, complete with date and comments, the recipe was framed and proudly displayed. When transferred to silk screen and printed on kitchen towels, Georgia Anna Frey’s recipe was an instant hit at the family Christmas. Visitors saw the towel as a way to honor and preserve their own family history, and the orders started to pour in.

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Need help creating
a custom design?

Rag Muffins’ products make excellent gifts or party favors for every occasion, so why not give your guests something to commemorate the experience? We love lending our design and printmaking services to our customers for every special event happening in their lives, plus your family will just love Grandma's handwritten recipe on a towel of their own. We will collaborate with you personally to come up with a product that is perfect for you and your lucky recipients. Contact us here and let's get started right away!

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